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Department of Otolaryngology

The mission of the Otitis Media Research Center (OMRC) is to create a collaborative environment for interdisciplinary research. This environment stimulates advances in the understanding of otitis media pathogenesis, enables new developments in diagnostic technology, treatment and prevention, and generates and disseminates fundamental and clinical knowledge to enhance patient care. The OMRC has been continuously funded by NIH since 1978.

P30 Data Sharing Resource

The University of Minnesota OMRC has a long history of NIH-funded research. We currently hold a P30 grant, which provides resources for sharing research data from our epidemiologic and clinical studies with other researchers. Our data can then be used to explore additional hypotheses and investigate new research questions.  NIH is promoting and in some cases requiring data sharing by their grantees (NIH data sharing). A brief description of each studies can be found at Study Descriptions. Our focus is otitis media, but the datasets include a wide variety of variables on risk and nutritional factors, medical histories and clinical measures that would be useful for research on other topics.   

Data will be shared without any identifiers (e.g. name, medical record number) (de-identified data). In some cases, a few identifiers will be included (e.g. date of birth, date of study visit) in a limited data set, but the recipient of the data will sign an agreement to protect it.



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